Tuesday, May 23, 2006

again school cafe.

LUNCH TODAY Originally uploaded by kenic.
i had lunch today at the school cafe. again. well, perhaps it looks much, but it's not actually...each dish contains just small amount.

i thought that things here in japan are high price, especially when i lived in tokyo. but you know it's just 535yen. the lunch is not very gogeous, but ok. and 535yen is also not very cheap, but it's also ok price. (when i was 20 and a student in nagoya, i used to have a lunch at like 300yen or 350yen).

and look at this picture, it's a pic from flickr...the group "campus food". the one is from Leeds uni. they are almost the same price. i would like to say "everything in the uk is high price!". you agree with me, eh? :>

Thursday, May 18, 2006

french sugar

french sugar Originally uploaded by kenic.
i drink coffee everyday to keep me wake up. usually, mainly for a financial reason, i use pre-packed coffee beans with paper filter to drip it. it's cheap and tastes not bad...i thought so lately. but on last sunday, i need coffee when i was home suddenly and you know, i didn't have the same beans as the office there. so i made an espresso coffee with moca. moca is the one to make espresso on a stove. the bean was old, and i guess it is not good condition, but still tastes nice. after that, i can't drink the paper dripped coffee anymore....at least i don't want it now -_-;;

i don't need an electric machine to make espresso, moca is enough nice for me. but at the office, it might be dangerous to use gas stove (because i have burnt a moca before, i made espresso and forgot to turn off the fire and put the moca on it...for a while...like 5 mins and it burnt.....i don't have enough confidence not to do it again anymore....).
so i bought an electric one at amazon. i will come soon...

before it comes, i need beans and sugar. first, this is the suger. it's made in france, this kinda sugar is good for espresso! :>

i am looking forward to have the machine!

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

school cafe

school cafe Originally uploaded by kenic.
i'm back from long holidays that is a sequence of national holidays and weekend, called "golden week" here. it was from 29th to 7th.

my brain doesn't work yet...i need time to be back to the real world ;P anyway i had a lunch at a school cafe today. in this season, the school cafe is more crowded at lunch time than normal. newvies still don't know how to avoid it and have nothing to do in lunch time yet....it will be better on next month.

the lunch is from up left, renkon, gyunyu kan, misoshiru, down left, nanohana, toufu, gohan.