Tuesday, July 03, 2007

fastladder, the new RSS reader

Livedoor Reader, the japanese leading RSS reader on web, is now available in English!
it was available only in Japanese and you need "livedoor ID", a universal ID on livedoor service (it's like Yahoo! ID) to use the Livedoor Reader service. the English-nized service is named "fastladder. You can use it in English! even they don't look really fulent at English, it's still useful! ;-)

Livedoor Reader, the orginal service of Fastladder started their serivce before the bloglines did. It has been improved its functions day by day for a long term, so Fastladder is a newbie, but not just another one!

fastladder is faster than bloglines is, and also has more convenient functions than bloglines has, for example, you can place pins on articles you are interested in, and you can browse articles with pins later. why do you still use bloglines? go to better one ;-)