Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Google+ Page View Counts

Google added page views counter to google+ profile few days ago[1][2]. Techcrunch says Google might want to say "hey, google+ is not a ghost town." hm.

Okay, so how many times are pages usually viewed? let's take a look on the google glass profile on google+:

Google Glass profile on 4th Apr. 20014.

63,000 followers, 97 million views. So, how about mine? Let's see my profile.


84 followers, 12 millions views. I didn't expect that large number of PV. I wonder what is viewed that much, but Google didn't provide detailed statistics other than the total page view count. I don't get anything but I am sure that I am impressed by the number of 12 million views. Google+ is not a ghost town. Indeed.

How much is your Google+ page views?


  1. Google+ Adds Total Content View Counts To Profile Pages
  2. Google Plus adds view counter to profile pages. What’s your number?

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