Wednesday, April 26, 2006

chinese dust invades...

kousa 黄砂 Originally uploaded by kenic.
in this season, from march to may, we have kousa sometimes. kousa means "yellow dust", it comes from china (see wikipedia: asian dust). when it comes, the sky clouds even it's a fine day. do you see it in the pic?

it's not very serious here in japan, because it's a bit far from chinese desert that is a source of the dust. it makes the sky clouds, cover cars by small amount of dust. but in china or korea, it's near by the source, so they say it's more serious. a korean paper says that when it's very serious, they can't see a builing just 1 km ahead. is it true?

i belive that the days we have the dust are incleasing lately, it might be because of chinese economical progress. gee.

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