Monday, April 03, 2006


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It's really fine day and warm today. I found that it was even too warm in a car when I drive for lunch.

Lately, I'm studying in an university....on a doctoral course. When I say this, people often think I'm going to be a doctor...medical one....but it's not for MD but Ph.D. I like University...well it would be more true if I would say I like almost all kind of schools. To say the truth, I like them including from Highschool to Driving license school. Anyway, It's time to start a new semester this time here in japan. There are many newbies in the campus and ex-newbies also to get somebody joining their group activities. (I saw some students wearing football (THE AMERICAN ONE) uniform and giving ad papers around. I didn't know that there is a football team in this univ.

It was really long time ago when i was a newbie, at least when i was it, it was still 20ct anyway. But this season, begining of Apr, it makes me remember when i was, what i felt. Time waits for no one. Am i too sentimental? ;-)

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