Sunday, April 02, 2006

newer is...

i go to gym lately to fit. one year ago, on march 2005, my weight was 88kg (194LB). i thought it's too much for my height 173cm (5 feet 8 inches). the most famous and biggest gym brand is konami sports in japan. there is konami here in okayama also, near by the okayama station. i used there for a year til this march, and i decided to go to a local one from Apr. why? the price is almost same, konami is better at its location but it takes holiday on tudesday.'s quite inconvenient. the local one is located a bit outter of the city than konami is, well but just few mins by car. and its off day is just one day in a month, there are many strength training gears, wider place to strech, cheerful sfaff, it has even bath! (konami has only shower booth).
and this is the last and the biggest reason, I LIKE TO CHANGE THINGS! newer is better ^^

i went to the local gym (OSK okayama) today for the first day, it was nice....i divided my body parts to train. it was the "leg day" today so i trained my legs (just two of them, you know). it's really fun to work out...anybody want to join me? ;>

today's menu:
biking 20mins, leg press, leg extention, leg curl.

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