Monday, April 03, 2006


sakura Originally uploaded by kenic.
it was a strange weather yesterday. in morning, when i woke up and looked outside though a window, i saw the road is wet. hm, it looks like it rained. then it started sun shining then suddenly it got dark and rains a bit. the sun shows her body betweeen clouds shortly then started raining hardly this time, then rumbled thunder once or twice. is it the spring storm?

i heard that sakura bloomed already in tokyo on tv news. but it doesn't in okayama yet. okayama is located a bit south than tokyo, but it's warmer in tokyo than here. yesterday, i saw a sakura tree on a path i was going to gym. it looks like going to bloom soon. i always find that spring has come when i see sakura blooms. i like it.


Anonymous said...

This is Aya (ayayan on

The weather is strange here as well, but the cherry blossoms have been in bloom here for a month already. They bloom very early in Victoria!

iwata kenichi said...

Thanks posting a comment. I thought it's colder there than here in the most part of japan. But it isn't actually. so there must be other flowers being in bloom...right?