Tuesday, April 11, 2006

working place at the university

iMac Originally uploaded by kenic.
I bought a new macintosh, iMac with intel core duo two months ago. This works fine and faster than PowerBook G4. Here in Japan, somebody had guessed the intel cpu would mess macintosh, but it was not so.

Current Mac's OS is Mac OS X, and this is almost the same thing as the old NeXT STEP, the OS works on NeXT computers. Mac OS X's developing toolkit is called Cocoa, this is almost the same thing of NeXT STEP. The developing tools, like the "interface builder" is also from NeXT STEP, not a new thingy at all.

NeXT had a CPU developed by motorola at the first, but after it became obvious that the NeXT failed comacially, NeXT STEP was ported to other platform, like IBM PC clones. NeXT STEP had a mechanism to share one executable with some platforms...this is called universal binary.

Old men, like me (and maybe you too) knows this story so no wonder that Macintosh with intel will success. It's not that bad to listen to old men somtimes, heh? ;-)

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